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SD One Health Improves Human and Animal Health: Hand Sanitizer Stations given to every county 4H in SD

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South Dakota One Health initiative of bridging the gaps between the interconnectedness of human and animal health recently did just that with a large donation of hand sanitizer stations to every county 4H office in South Dakota.  Sixty-two hand sanitizer stations were given to South Dakota 4H as a way to improve healthy interactions between animals and people.  Many people who attend 4H Achievement Days, county fairs, rodeo's, animal shows, and youth development activities will benefit from having a hand sanitizing station available to decrease the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted through contact with animals and their surroundings.   The hand sanitizing stations serve also to protect the animals as they can share our susceptibility to some diseases.  Each station also came with a sign promoting proper handwashing and sanitizing when having contact with animals which will serve as a great reminder to practice healthy habits.

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