SD One Health Meeting Flier_Tuberculosis_January 2015

SD One Health Meeting Agenda_Tubeculosis_January 2015

Tuberculosis in People: The Biologic Basics_(Dr. Earl Kemp)

Epidemiology of Animal Tuberculosis in the US_(Dr. Kathy Orloski)

Treating Tuberculosis in Pediatric Patients_(Dr. Achana Chatterjee)

Managing and Treating Tuberculosis in Adults_(Dr. Jennifer Hsu)

Mycobacterium bovis in Animals: The Biologic Basics_(Dr. Kathy Orloski)

Epidemiology of Human Tuberculosis in SD and Elsewhere_(Kristin Rounds)

Mycobacterium bovis Investigations in SD Beef Herds_(Dr. Dustin Oedekoven)

North Dakota Experience with a Case of Zoonotic Tuberculosis (Dr. Susan Keller)

Mycobacterium bovis: Human and Occupational Health Aspects_(Dee Pritschet)

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