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Scrubs Camp

Scrubs CampSo, you’ve been thinking about a health career. Well, this is a great way to know if that’s really what you want to do.

Scrubs Camp is a one-day, hands-on experience where you rub elbows with pros who actually DO healthcare for a living. Learn what it’s like to arrive at the scene of an emergency. Remove a “mole” from a calm, cooperative patient (think banana!). See some of the cool gadgets used to make people better. And a whole lot more. Pretty cool stuff, don’t you think?
If you’re in 9th through 12th grade and think you’re interested in a health career, Scrubs Camp is a must do. There’s NO CHARGE to attend and we’ll even throw in lunch. If you want, bring your parents. The more, the merrier!

Camps are held throughout the state and each one is tailored to the interests of the students in that area. One thing’s for sure:  You’ll get a full day to roll up your sleeves and do all sorts of cool things that'll give you a taste of what happens behind the scenes. Such as, learn how to set and cast a broken bone! See how physical therapists work with people after an injury. Perform surgery on a pig’s foot. And more! We’ll even throw in some personalized career guidance!

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Camp Med

Scrubs CampWe get it. You have more on your mind right now about what you’re going to do for a career than anything else. Want help? Camp Med is a fun way to learn more about all the different things you can do if you decide to work in healthcare. Here’s how it works:

Camp Med Events are free, one-day, hands-on health career learning opportunities for middle school students. These events are typically held in local middle schools during the course of students' regularly scheduled day. Invited students will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of health careers through hands-on activities and discussions. Students will learn about 5-10 different health careers through a ‘round-robin’ approach. Attendees are divided into small groups of 5-10 students. Each group will spend approximately 10 minutes at various health career stations where they will learn about that career’s job duties, educational requirements, rewards and challenges. Students will then get to participate in a fun, hands-on activity related to that career such as reading x-rays, filling prescriptions, stabilizing a trauma patient, or rehabilitating a stroke patient. After the 10 minute session wraps up, the students will rotate to the next station at the event. This format allows participants the chance to learn about several health careers in a short period of time.

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Statewide Opportunities

USD Healthcare Careers Summer Camp
Sanford School of Medicine hosts an annual Healthcare Careers Summer Camp in Vermillion to help high school students pursue a future in health care by exploring a range of career options.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
The University of South Dakota and Sanford Research are home to the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), a unique opportunity for American Indian undergraduate students to receive hands-on research experience and mentoring in a cross-disciplinary training program (biomedical or behavioral research).

SDSU Health Professions Career Camp
If you're interested in a career that will give you the chance to help others, consider working in a health-related field. You can explore the array of opportunities available in this field at South Dakota State University's Health Professions Career Camp. Students will be able to interact with health care professionals and participate in a variety of activities, such as tours, workshops, speaking events, hands-on demonstrations and field trips to health care facilities.