Flier – Preserving the Usefulness of Antibiotics in People and Animals – Rapid City, March 2019

Speaker and topic schedule

PDF files of presentations:

2_Consequences of inappropriate antibiotic use: Time for action (M. Obritsch, Regional Health)

3_Antibiotic use in South Dakota livestock: A veterinary practitioner’s perpective (E. Koller, Cheyenne River Vet Hospital)

4_Antibiotic use in South Dakota: Community and clinical settings (K. Kennedy/C. Elkins, Regional Health)

5_Epidemiology of antibiotic resistant infections in SD (J. Clayton, SD DOH)

6_Antimicrobial resistance in animals (R. Daly, SDSU)

7_Regulations that govern antibiotic use in animals (D. Oedekoven, SD Animal Industry Board)

8_On-farm methods that reduce antibiotic use (R. Daly, SDSU)

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